Class Line-up 

for the 2023-2024 school year:

All Ages

Writing Skills –

       Brave Writer


Brave Writer is designed to help coach students “from fluent speech to powerful written self-expression.”  Writing in this program is divided into the categories of original thought, mechanics (taught through literature), and writing projects.  These three interlocking pieces are considered essential in creating writing proficiency.  

As we are combining all age groups for this class, the assignments will be given at the current skill level of the students, whether narration, a more advanced report, or an expository essay, the writing projects are designed to match the students’ natural stage in writing.  In addition, we will incorporate poetry and public speaking.   At the elementary level, homework will be optional (as decided by the parent).

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Elementary Classes


This class will be student-led!  Science topics will be determined by the students’ interest. The teacher will facilitate, help gather supplies and ask questions.  There will be several science units (including STEM projects) available to choose from or spark ideas.  The goal is retention through self-motivation. 

This class style is accommodating to those who wish to use this class for their elementary student’s science education this year, AND for those who are using another curriculum and are looking for a supplement. Assignments will be flexible according to your family’s needs.


Continuing from last year, the students will explore further culinary skills.  In this hands-on class our students will learn cooking techniques, kitchen safety, and explore new foods and tastes.

Upper Level Classes


This year we are using the Master’s Class High School Biology curriculum.  The material focuses on teaching God’s creation of cells, ecosystems, biomes, the genetic code and more from a Biblical worldview.  This curriculum teaches students to observe and recognize the interactions and interdependencies of organisms in their natural environment.  We will conduct our study of biology with the help of microscopic images, labs, and in-depth reading.  Students can expect to complete an average of 5 hours of course work per week.  

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We’ll be using Excerlerate Spanish, which uses a Total Physical Response technique (seing the written word, hearing the pronunciation, and modeling a gesture for each word/phrase).  The teacher will expound on concepts presented in the curriculum and review them during class time.

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How It Works – Excelerate SPANISH

Class fees and costs differ per class.  There is an administrative fee which covers use of facility and additional materials.  Please contact us for further details at: